Individualized physical therapy treatment can decrease or resolve many symptoms

Pregnancy, Post-partum, Pelvic Pain & Incontinence

Whether you suffer from recent or chronic pelvic pain or are experiencing urinary incontinence, individualized physical therapy treatment can decrease or resolve many of your symptoms.

At Highline Physical Therapy, our physical therapists use a combination of hands-on therapy techniques and exercises, postural re-education, relaxation training and biofeedback to help support women with pregnancy, post-partum, pelvic pain and incontinence issues. We will also provide you with the support and education you need to relieve your symptoms and prevent further problems.

Have you experienced any of these health challenges?

Chronic Pelvic Pain – Pelvic pain has many causes and is frequently attributed to musculoskeletal dysfunction, abnormal posture, weakness and decreased general mobility. If an imbalance occurs within any of the 80 muscles that attach or extend from the pelvis, symptoms may arise and pain cycles may occur. Our therapists can help alleviate typical symptoms including pelvic pressure, back, abdominal or tailbone pain, urinary urgency & frequency, pain with intercourse, and discomfort with tampon use.

Pregnancy or Post-partum Pain & Dysfunction – Pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for a newborn can sometimes result in pain or loss of function. Women may develop: low back, tail bone or pubic bone pain, neck & shoulder pain, pressure or heaviness, hand or wrist numbness or swelling, calf cramps, headaches, or incontinence. Our therapists can provide specialized treatment, support and education to relieve these symptoms and prevent further problems.

Urinary Incontinence* – The involuntary loss of urine can be the result of many things including pelvic floor muscle weakness and poor bladder habits. Incontinence affects between 15-25 million Americans. Of men and women between the ages of 30 and 70, 33% have experienced urinary incontinence.

Comprehensive Evaluation

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*Our Tukwila location also treats men for urinary incontinence.