Let us help you manage your Lymphedema

Lymphedema is chronic swelling, normally of an arm or a leg. It occurs when lymph nodes have been blocked or removed, the remaining lymph system has a decreased ability to remove excess fluid. This is commonly seen in women after damage or surgical removal of lymph nodes during the treatment of breast cance and can also be seen in after treatment for prostate cancer in men. Lymphedema can be present shortly after cancer treatments, or as long as 20 years later. If left untreated, the swelling can worsen over time. Additionally, chronic edema in the legs can develop due to circulatory compromise such as with venous insufficiency or cellulitis.

Recognizing The Symptoms

If you notice any swelling or a feeling of heaviness in an extremity, seek medical advice from your doctor. If lymphedema is diagnosed, it is essential to seek treatment immediately. Promptly initiating lymphedema treatment ensures better outcomes and decreased treatment time.

Decongestive Physical Therapy

Decongestive Physical Therapy is a program designed to move lymphatic fluid out of the arm or leg using techniques such as lymphatic massage, exercise, compression bandaging and compression garments. Treatment is aimed at teaching you to treat your edema independently. The daily time involvement varies for each patient. We will help you develop an individualized program for managing your lymphedema.

How We Can Help

Although the symptoms of lymphedema cannot be completely eliminated, they can be successfully managed. Our decongestive treatment program will help you learn to reduce swelling, improve mobility and function, and regain a sense of control.

Lymphedema Management

Lymphedema Management is available at our Tukwila and Des Moines location.

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