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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a popular therapy service used to relieve pain, muscle tension, spasms, inflammation, aches, and stiffness by improving circulation, increasing flexibility, improving range of motion, and increasing tissue elasticity.

Blood flow circulation is stimulated when the massage therapist uses their hands and/or tools to rhythmically knead, rub, and stroke muscles. This increased blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to aid in the elimination of waste products, such as lactic acid. An added benefit is that Massage Therapy promotes relaxation for the mind and improve overall mood.

Most clients use Massage Therapy as an adjunct therapy with Physical and/or Occupational Therapy services to facilitate quicker recovery for their musculoskeletal injuries.

Is Massage Therapy covered by insurances?

There are any commercial insurances that cover massage therapy as part their benefits plan. At Highline Physical Therapy, we have dedicated insurance specialist that would be happy to verify and explain your massage therapy benefits to you. Also Massage Therapy is typically a covered benefit under most auto-accident claims and work-related injuries.

Do I need a referral from my doctor to start Massage Therapy?

If you are using insurance, you will more than likely require a referral from a physician to begin Massage Therapy.

However, some insurances (i.e. Medicare) do not cover Massage Therapy. We do offer cash pay appointments that range from 30-60 minutes.

How long will a Massage Therapy appointment last?

Typically, an appointment with one of our Massage Therapist will be 1 hour. If you are not using insurance for your appointment, then appointments can vary from 30 minutes to as much as an hour and a half.

How undressed am I during my Massage Therapy session?

When you first meet your Massage Therapist, he/she will discuss with you your level of comfort with undressing. Our team of massage therapists are excellent at working within your comfort level to ensure you are receiving the maximal benefit from their session with you.

Do you accept same day appointments?

Absolutely! It is based on availability so the sooner you call the better your chances. If you are a first time patient using insurance, this will require some time to verify your benefits but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Massage Therapy is available at ALL LOCATIONS

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