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Industrial Rehab: Return to Work Programs

We can help your employees return to work safely.

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Physical and Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy is directed towards increasing the patient’s physical tolerance as well as decreasing the de-conditioning effects of the injury. Occupational Therapy focuses on body mechanics, job simulation, and symptom management education to help patients return to work related and non-work related daily activities that are often affected by the injury.

We offer Work Conditioning, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Job Site Analysis and more.

Work Conditioning

This program is for people who have been unable to return to work for 1-6 months after an on the job injury and now need a closely supervised return-to-work reconditioning program. This is a 2 hours per day program that lasts from 4 to 8 weeks. Our physical and occupational therapists will provide strength and endurance training, job simulation tasks and job specific education to prevent re-injury.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

FCE’s are performance based tests designed to provide specific information on how well a worker can perform job functions. It is frequently used to determine when an injured worker should enroll in a work conditioning or work hardening program and when it is safe to return to work.

This one day, 3 hour test will:

  • Clarify functional abilities and limitations
  • Record behavioral factors including effort and exertion
  • Provide recommendations regarding light duty or modified work
  • Assist with making disability determinations
Job Site Analysis
After an analysis of the work site by our certified ergonomists, the employer will be given recommendations to make the job site safer and the employee moreproductive. A reduction in lost time and claims costs can be achieved if modifications are made.
Post-Offer Employment Test

This test evaluates the potential employee’s ability to perform essential job tasks and assists employers in hiring qualified personnel. This service is an effective and necessary part of an employer’s comprehensive disability management and workplace safety program.

Additional Services
  • Joint protection, energy conservation and work simplification training
  • Splints and adaptive equipment fabrication

Work Conditioning Services Available at Tukwila

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To Make An Appointment:

Contact your health care provider to discuss a referral for physical therapy if you are having any of these issues. If your insurance does not require a physician referral, you may contact us directly. Call our Federal Way (253) 661-0041, or Tukwila (206) 248-3080 office to schedule your initial evaluation.