When Tim Sherrill’s shoulder pain limited his active lifestyle, he feared he would never climb again. But after a rotator cuff repair and intense physical therapy at Highline Physical Therapy, he was back to climbing in no time.

When Riley Phelps injured her patella playing indoor soccer her sophomore year of high school, she thought she’d never play again. But after two surgeries and intense physical therapy at Highline Physical Therapy, she is back playing the game she loves.

When Mara Burke qualified for the Boston Marathon, she was thrilled. Her excitement turned to anxiety when a chronic running injury threatened her Boston dreams. After intense sports rehab therapy from Highline Physical Therapy, she started to get back to her training.

A week before the marathon when the injury flared up, her PT recommended she consult with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Alan Barronian who assessed her injury and determined that a steroid injection could help. His treatment worked and Mara completed the marathon feeling strong.

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