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Patrick Toy, DPT- Kent/Des Moines & Federal Way

"The treatment I have received has been excellent and has given me hope and assurance that I will recover. I enjoy coming into HPT."

Sarah Jensen, OTR- Federal Way

"I am very pleased I chose HPT for my treatments. Sarah is really great to work with, professional and knowledgeable."

Karen Kells-Murphy, PT- Federal Way

"Your staff explain and teach. They help me learn what to do. Let people know you have water therapy- it is so valuable!"

Laura Jewett, DPT- West Seattle

"I am very glad I made the 1st appointment. I have felt progress since day one and the staff are a joy to be around."

Virginia McDonagh, PT- West Seattle

"Warm, friendly, professional, most helpful, great encouragement! Virginia's service is over the top. Sandra gives a warm reception entering - she and Virginia create an environment. Superior service."

Christi Riley, DPT- Tukwila

"My primary therapist, Christi, is not only friendly, courteous, professional, knowledgeable, caring, positive, she is absolutely a healer, meaning she puts her positive energy and knowledge into that which is helping heal my poor foot and leg."

Nora Heaton, DPT- Tukwila

"Nora was helpful, friendly, easy to talk with about a sensitive women's topic/problem."

Britney Gray, DPT- Tukwila

"Britney was wonderful. She knew exactly what to do. I felt better as soon as I walked out of the room. I would recommend her to all my family and friends."

Britney Ashburn, DPT- Burien

"Everytime I come to HPT I receive excellent help. My issues usually clear up with a few visits. Good value for the time and excellent staff."

Cecil Casimir, PT- Burien

"Great experience- it is making a difference in my ability to work and enjoy life."

Laura Douglas, PT- Burien

"I feel that Laura and Bryce have been extremely helpful with the answers to all my questions and have helped me to work everyday to get better."

Ruth Knagenhjelm, PT- Kent/Des Moines

"This is a good place for therapy. The therapist listens and staff are always cheerful and helpful."

Laney O'Neill, PT- Kent/Des Moines

"Everyone is attentive and sensitive. I feel like you care."

Ken Rutkowski, PT- Burien

"I have returned to Ken again as he is very good. He has helped me with my condition. Very understanding and answers questions clearly. Very knowledgeable."

Darren Dilley, PT- West Seattle
Federal Way

"A very positive and beneficial experience so far. I like having the PT and massage available in same location."

Sarah Jensen, OT
Federal Way

"Sarah is great to work with. She would answer my questions, gave me homework to do, because of her, I improved a lot."

Karen Kells-Murphy, PT
Federal Way

"Have found both Karen & Yvonne to be very helpful and professional."

Karen Kells-Murphy, PT
Federal Way

"Very pleasant environment! I looked forward to my visits."

Rebekah Hagen, PT
Federal Way

"I would come back with any other problem."

Rebekah Hagen, PT
Federal Way

"A great experience! Will miss the weekly visits and chats!"

Melissa Casimir, PT - Float

"Melissa was very kind and knowledgeable."

Melissa Casimir, PT - Float

"Good feedback and able to apply different methods/techniques if I was not able to do correctly."

Patrick Toy, PT
Kent/Des Moines

"I appreciated the fact that Patrick listened to what I was looking for in terms of treatments and designed a program well suited to those needs, not trying to oversell treatments."

Patrick Toy, PT
Kent/Des Moines

"I appreciate his encouragement to help me get over my fears of re-injuring myself; gave me confidence to push through to rebuild skill and strength."

Ruth Knagenhjelm, PT
Kent/Des Moines

"Ruth is very good at what she does and very patient."

Ruth Knagenhjelm, PT
Kent/Des Moines

"Professional, Personable and knowledgeable- love these guys!"

Laney O'Neill, PT
Kent/Des Moines

"This is an inviting, happy and healthy clinic with an outstanding professional staff. I will recommend this place to all and everyone."

Laney O'Neill, PT
Kent/Des Moines

"Laney is absolutely awesome - I came back here specifically because of her."

Teresa Hnatowicz, OT

"Teresa is always helpful either on phone or when I come in."

Teresa Hnatowicz, OT

"Therapist was wonderful & very thorough. Wonderful to work with."

Meagan Todd, PT

"The physical therapists are great- friendly, knowledgeable, and practical."

Meagan Todd, PT

"Therapist is very helpful! Shared helpful insight with my home therapy."

Nora Heaton, PT

"Everyone in the clinic/office provided their services to their best. Very good experience!"

Nora Heaton, PT

"Nora was very knowledgeable and helped me greatly."

Christi Riley, PT

"Christi is great at explaining what she's doing and why."

Christi Riley, PT

"Christi is amazing. So professional and kind. She fixed me when no one else could and I have had this for 20 years. It's nice not to be dizzy anymore! "

Lori Webb, SLP

"Lori has such a wonderful rapport with my son, he loves coming here!"

Lori Webb, SLP

"Everyone is very nice & educational & always willing to answer questions."

Kristin Szabadi, PT
West Seattle

"The exercises were carefully constructed to meet all my needs and were changed if I was not able to do them with comfort. I made a ton of progress and feel good to be on my own. Kristin was so attentive to my needs."

Kristin Szabadi, PT
West Seattle

"Kristin is very knowledgeable and explains the objective & reason for each exercise- helps me focus and perform correctly."

Virginia McDonagh, PT
West Seattle

"Thank you all for the training, therapy, and support you gave me while I recovered from my accident."

Virginia McDonagh, PT
West Seattle

"Very courteous and caring. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable and encouraging."

Laura Jewett, PT
West Seattle

"Laura is great with people and very skilled at her work."

Laura Jewett, PT
West Seattle

"Very positive, uplifting, optimistic environment. Everyone is so kind, friendly & helpful. Laura is wonderful! Very positive person. "

April Bolding, PT
West Seattle

"April has been integral to my ongoing healing. She does pelvic floor and women's health physical therapy and is also a childbirth educator, so she really, really gets it. "

April Bolding, PT
West Seattle

"April is very knowledgeable and I feel my condition will improve. I feel very comfortable in her care. "

Darren Dilley, PT
West Seattle

"I totally enjoy my PT appointments and appreciate the friendly and competent staff, and the progress I'm making. "

Darren Dilley, PT
West Seattle

"Everyone here was very helpful and understanding to my needs. "

Cecil Casimir, PT

"100% satisfied."

Cecil Casimir, PT

"Everyone here has been extremely helpful and made all of my appointments very comfortable. This place is very hospitable towards all needs and concerns."

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Meet Our Staff


Craig J Kopet, PT

Founder & Director

Craig Kopet

Ann Erickson, MHA, OTR/L

Director, Inpatient Rehab Services

Ann Erickson

Michael Marlatt, CPA


Claudine Gibbs

Manager, HR & Marketing


Clinic Director

Sandra Chard, PT, ATC

University of Puget Sound - 1991

Sandra Chard

Cecil Casimir, PT

University of Washington - 2000

Cecil Casimir

Ann Knapp, PT

University of Puget Sound - 1994

Ann Knapp

Laura Douglas, PT

University of Washington - 1993

Malia Anderson

Leslie Bartram, DPT

University of Montana - 2012

Leslie Bartram

Danielle Payton, DPT

University of St Augustine - 2013

Danielle Payton

Ken Rutkowski, PT, MDT, COMT

State University of New York at Buffalo, 1999

Ken Rutkowski

Britney Ashburn, DPT

Eastern Washington University, 2013

Britney Ashburn

Emily Wahlborg, PTA, CKTP

Green River Community College - 2005

Emily Wahlborg

Lori Kellum, PTA

Green River Community College - 2000

Lori Kellum

Bryce Domingo, PTA, LMP

University of Hawaii - 2002

Bryce Domingo


Clinic Director

Christi Riley, DPT, OCS, CIMT, ATC, CSCS

Chapman University - MPT 1997
Western University - DPT 2002

Christi Riley

Nora Heaton, DPT

Nova Southeastern University - 2007

Nora Buckingham

Meagan Todd, DPT

Arcadia University - 2011

Meagan Todd, DPT

Britney Gray, DPT, MTC, OCS

University of St Augustine - 2005

Britney Gray

George Harrington, DPT

Columbia University, 2012
Britney Gray

Lori Webb, MA, CCC-SLP

Washington State University - 1999

Lori Webb

Paul Pettyjohn, OTR/L, MLD/CDT

Texas Tech University, 1997

Paul Pettyjohn

Teresa Mintz, OTR/L, CHT

Texas University - BS 1998, MS 2010

Teresa Hnatowicz

Debbie Bathurst, PTA, CKTP, CEAS

Miami Dade College - 1996

Debbie Bathurst

Stephanie Tschetter, PTA, CEAS

Clarkson College, Omaha, NE

Stephanie Tschetter


Clinic Director

Darren Dilley, PT, OCS

University of Washington - 1999

Darren Dilley

Virginia McDonagh, DPT

University of Puget Sound - 1994, 2006

Virginia McDonagh

Kristin Szabadi, MSPT, CMPT

Washington University - 1998

Kristin Szabadi

Laura Jewett, DPT

University of Washington - 2012

Laura Jewett

Laura LuBahn, PTA

Pima Medical Institute, 2010

Laura LuBahn


Clinic Director

Sarah Jensen, OTR/L

University of Puget Sound - 2000

Sarah Jensen

Karen Kells-Murphy, PT

University of Connecticut - 1980

Karen Kells-Murphy

Yvonne Dymerski, PTA

Mt Hood Community College - 1982

Yvonne Dymerski


Clinic Director

Laney O'Neill, MPT

Eastern Washington University - 2002

Laney ONeill

Ruth Knagenhjelm, PT

Norwegian Mensendieck School of PT - 1977

Ruth Knagenhjelm

Patrick Toy, DPT

University of Puget Sound - 2011

Patrick Toy

Tiffiny Langanke, PTA

Green River Community College - 2011

Tiffiny Langanke


Inpatient Operations Manager
Ann Erickson, MHA, OTR/L

University of Washington 1999

Ann Erickson

Meghan Larson, DPT

Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons- 2012

Meghan Larson

Ariel Oksendahl, DPT

University of Puget Sound - 2013

Ariel Oksendahl

Willa Sorbie, DPT

University of Puget Sound - 2012

Willa Sorbie

Elaine Kwong, OTR

University of Toronto - 2005

Elaine Kwong

Christopher Osler, PTA

Lake Washington Institute of Technology - 2012

Christopher Osler

Josephine Klonowski, PTA

Green River Community College - 2013

Josephine Klonowski


Melissa Casimir, PT

Daemen College - 1993


Gina Martins-Brown, PTA,CKTP, BS

Harcum Junior College - 1987

Chestnut Hill College-1981

APTA Advanced Proficiency in Musculoskeletal 2005

APTA Advanced Proficiency in Geriatrics 2011

APTA Advanced Proficiency in Neuromuscular 2011

Gina Martins-Brown

Christina Hamilton, DPT

University of Puget Sound - 2010

Vincent Nguyenpham

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