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An Innovative Treatment for Parkinson's Disease

The National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) refers to exercise as a vital component to maintaining balance, mobility, and daily living activities. Research conducted by LSVT BIG recommends high intensity exercise on a consistent basis at a minimum of one hour a day, four days per week.

What is LSVT?

The LSVT BIG researched based program is a new and innovative approach to help Parkinson’s patients improve their gait, balance and coordination by performing exaggerated (BIG) activities such as sitting, standing, lunging and pre-gait movements.

Many movements are similar to Yoga and Tai Chi and have proven to be very effective in improving functional independence.

This program is most beneficial when done 3-5 times per week for approximately two months. We strongly encourage caregivers to attend as many sessions as possible to ensure adherence to the independent home program once the clinical portion is completed.

How Can Exercise help?

The LSVT BIG program is a specific exercise program designed to challenge the impaired neurological system of people with Parkinson’s disease. It is best taught by certified physical therapists. Through this prescribed exercise program the patient’s neural system will change, resulting in improvement in performing routine daily activities.

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